Bring College Within Reach

Remember you don’t have to save 100% of the cost of college. You can get started with as little as $25 and make regular contributions that will help towards the cost of college. Every bit makes a difference!

This calculator assumes a 6% annual investment return and a 5% annual tuition growth, compounded annually. Annual contribution will assume the sum of 52 weekly contributions and will be calculated at the start of the year, not the end. Interest calculations will consider the full year of contributions. Total Tuition is the adjusted tuition rate, summed for the total number of years specified by the college type (ex: 4 year public school is $22,690 for 4 years). Public two-year school (instate) - commuting (Cost $3,800 annually), Public four-year school (instate) - living on campus (Cost $22,690 annually), Private four-year school - living on campus (Cost $51,690 annually). The tuition rates for each college type are averages from ©2021 The College Board, "Trends in College Pricing 2021."