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It Pays to Teach Your Kids about Money

Apr 01, 2021

You’re preparing for your child’s future by saving for their college education. As your child grows older, you’ll want them to be a part of that mission of saving for college. And that starts with teaching them about money.

As part of Financial Literacy Month, we invite you to explore Teaching Kids About Money. It’s a comprehensive look at how to educate your child about the importance and role of money in their lives, no matter their age. You’ll find tips about a number of important money lessons for kids, including:

  • Practical ways to make saving tangible
  • Tips on helping them avoid impulse purchases
  • How to distinguish good and bad debt
  • The lessons of the lemonade stand… and so much more

We think every parent will find value in Teaching Kids About Money, and hope you’ll check it out.

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